Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tap Raiders on FIRE!

Edited Mon, Nov 10:

From the desks of the producers of Tap Raiders...

Status of availability:

Fri, Nov 14, 9pm: pre-booked (AMEX Selects)*
Sat, Nov 15, 3pm: SOLD-OUT
Sat, Nov 15, 9pm: SOLD-OUT
Sun, Nov 16, 3pm: SOLD-OUT (additional show)
Sun, Nov 16, 9pm: SOLD-OUT

*All AMEX cardmembers can purchase tickets for this show

Additional seating arrangements are now being contemplated to accomodate continued ticket requests.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tap Raiders Press Release

As a groundbreaking effort to bring forth the “Lost Art” of Rhythm Tap into the next level, “TAP RAIDERS” which will run for 3 days from 14 – 16 November 2008 at brand spanking nouveau chocolate art café, Schokolart Soho KL.

Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia and Go International Group proudly present.... TAP RAIDERS @ SCHOKOLART feat. almost 90 minutes of rhythmic tap dance to the sounds of jazz music by GRUVAVENUE. Also, special guest tapper JOJO STRUYS & percussionist JOTHI add to the pizzazz!


14, 15, 16 November 2008
8.30pm show
RM45 at the door includes show, 1 drink, 1 Schokolart chocolate. Or, RM40 pre-sale before 12

Nov.15 November 2008
3.00pm matinee show
RM35 at the door includes show, 1 drink, 1 Schokolart chocolate. Or, RM30 pre-sale before 12 Nov.

Venue: Schokolart Salon-LoungeK-01-05, Level 1, SohoKL @ Solaris Mont KiaraKuala Lumpur. Visit www.sohokl.com for map.

Book tickets now by emailing novapr@gmail.com or SMS 017 200 8631 / 017 623 0288.

Limited tickets!

Corporate inquiries:Toh Kong Eu, Hp 012 379 3779
Media inquiries: Contact Jasmine Low on 017 623 0288 or email: jasminelow@gointernationalgroup.com

:::::::::::::::::::::::FACT SHEET:::::::::::::::::::::

Go International Group and its PR outfit NOVApr are the marketing communication solutions company. Helmed by Nikki Yeo and Jasmine Low, the duo has been actively producing events to promote the independent music and arts scene. This is us, at http://www.gointernationalgroup.com/.

Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia aims to promote tap dance as an art form in Malaysia. The goal is to create awareness, understanding and appreciation of rhythm tap via performances, workshops, lectures/ demonstrations and word-of-mouth. There are two focuses - performances and tap education. One concept that underlies all rhythm tap dance is its highly musical approach that emphasizes rhythmic statement. The dancer is not just a dancer; he or she is also a musician (specifically, a percussionist) who uses his or her tap shoes as a musical instrument. And contrary to popular belief, one can tap dance to any style of music or groove! Rhythm tap is essentially looking at tap’s original essence - rhythmic expression with an emphasis on the musicality/expression of tap. More importantly, the message is that tap can exist with alternative music forms like pop, hip-hop and funk/R&B! The aim is to present tap as an exciting and hip dance and music form. Visit us online at http://www.tapraiders.blogspot.com/.

Toh Kong Eu has been a rhythm tap artist for the past 11 years, performing, choreographing and teaching mainly in the Klang Valley and Singapore where he has given workshops. He has studied with many of the contemporary tap masters of today such as Savion Glover, Dianne Walker, Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy and Van Porter. He is a regular fixture at various international tap festivals such as the Chicago Human Rhythm Project, the St. Louis Tap Festival, as has performed at the New York City Tap Festival, the Southern California Tap Festival and National Tap Seminar held near Denver, Colorado. Since returning from the US in 1997, Kong Eu has choreographed and performed in numerous dances – solos, small groups, ensemble and improvisational pieces. To date, Kong Eu has been featured in The Star, New Straits Times and magazines such as Her World and Personal Money. In addition, Kong Eu has made television appearances on programs such as Jojo’s Ticket to Wellbeing and The Breakfast Show on NTV7, Hello on Two on RTM2, X-fresh TV/Macam Macam Aznil on Astro and the 8TV Quickie. Major performances by the Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia include the 2006 New Year’s Eve event—Floatparty, and promotions for the movie Happy Feet, where the ensemble was the main feature. In 2004, Kong Eu also opened for Malaysia’s “funny man” Harith Iskandar in his series of stand-up shows at The Actor’s Studio.

Phang Shueh Miin has been a rhythm tap dancer/performer for 11 years and teaches tap on a part-time basis in Petaling Jaya. Her passion for the art form has driven her to pursue other forms of dance such as hip-hop, latin, salsa and joget to complement tap dancing with body movements and the variety of rhythms in tap. Shueh Miin has also pursued tap abroad such as participating in the New York Tap Festival in 2004; she also joined Rosie Radiator’s class in San Francisco for 4 months to experience an alternative form of tap. Her most recent exposure was funk tap with Grant Swift in Melbourne, Australia for 3 months. Shueh Miin’s first choreography in 2005 at the Federal Academy of Ballet in Kuala Lumpur, called My Prerogative, promoted tap as a dance, which was performed to the most recent pop music. She actively explores rhythms and its improvisation to a variety of music. Shueh Miin hopes to pioneer the movement of tap dance as a freeform art for any individual to express their identity from the soles of their feet.

GruvAvénue, formerly known as Black Machine was re-organised in January 2005 by its founder - double bassist and producer, Vincent Ong. All members are accomplished professional musicians and skillful arrangers. Vincent, the band leader, doubles as the songwriter. As contemporary jazz band, GruvAvénue keeps a simple and yet organic instrumentation – bass, saxophone, drum and keys. Their music is captivating; full of delicate melodies, subtle intricate changes, strong rhythmic sense and vibrant harmonic nuances, perfected by flawless live playing. On stage, they take their energetic performance a step up by incorporating pulsating grooves and intoxicating loops through modern technology. More online at http://www.blackmachine.com.my/.

The Appreciation for Love, for Life and for fine artisan Chocolates is deeply rooted in the creation of the very first Schokolart Salon-Lounge in SohoKL @ Solaris Mont Kiara. At Schokolart Salon-Lounge, everyone can indulge in the widest range of artisan chocolates, artistic new creations of chocolate beverages and eclectic chocolate cocktails while enjoying live performing arts and music. Schokolart is about indulgence; in life, at a single place, at one moment. For those who wish to take their sensory journey a little further with chocolates, Schokolart also offers fine chocolate pairing and appreciation workshops and even chocolate making sessions. On offer is not simply another piece of chocolate, but the Passion for Life and the appreciation of culture, arts and music. Come dine at Schokolart and enjoy finely made chocolates that melt in our mouths and then our hearts.

Since 2006, the Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia in collaboration with Havana Estudio, have produced a series of Tap Jams where tappers of all levels come together to showcase tap, jam, improvise, and exchange ideas/steps etc. In addition, the jams are also open to non-tappers as rhythm jams (and also basic intro to tap) are included for all. Havana Estudio was formed in 1998 by Sharie Dekorte. It is the first Salsa and Street Latin school in Malaysia and actively promotes dance as a healthy lifestlye, as a great way to exercise, and have fun. Havana Estudio is located at 56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI and 34B, Persiaraan Zaaba, TTDI in Kuala Lumpur. Visit www.havanaestudio.com for more.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tap Raiders @ Schokolart

Come and watch us "Tap Raiders" tapping away at Schokolart, SohoKL Solaris Mont' Kiara from 14 - 16 November. Check out the flyer below for the details:
[ Please click on the flyers to view it full sized ]

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gearing up!

As we head into the final stretch of rehearsals, you'd probably be interested to know these lil fun facts about Tap Raiders:

i) it's the 1st EVER full production of Rhythm Tap Dance in beautiful Malaysia!

iii) it'll be the 1st EVER live collaboration between tap dancers and jazz musicians on Malaysian soil!

iii) it's a culmination of OVER 10 years of drumming with our (Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia) feet!

Tickets are available now. Pls contact:

Nova pr at novapr@gmail.com or call 017-200-8631
Kong Eu at 012-379-3779

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tap Raiders on NTV7's The Breakfast Show

Kong Eu, Artistic Director and Co-Producer of Tap Raiders, was featured on NTV7's The Breakfast Show recently on Oct 9 to kick-off promos for Tap Raiders!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to Tap Raiders!

Welcome everyone to Tap Raiders. Do check this blog out as we provide updates on the show and what we have been up to...

To find out more about the Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia, Rhythm Tap and who we are do also check us out at http://welcome.to/rhythm-tappers

Friday, August 29, 2008

A "Happy Feet"

Here is also some snippets of a promo that was done for "Happy Feet" the animated movie about a tapping penguin....